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Matthew Sekeres and Blake Price 244, Jamie Dodd and Thomas Drance 217, Andrew Wadden and Jeff Paterson 197, Chris Faber and David Quadrelli 177, Trevor Beggs and Kyle Bhawan 69 More Justin Pooni 66, Thomas Drance and Farhan Lalji 62, Teddy Wong III, Ryan Hank and Brayden Ursel 46, ParkersPucks and Canuck Clay 44, Anna Forsyth and Chris Golden 30, Kaja Mae 30, Pete & Doug 29, Jackson McDonald, Elliot Hoyt and Vyas Saran 28, Clay Imoo 25, Ryan Schaap, Geeta Reddy and Arash Memarzadeh 23, Samantha Chang 21, Mike Kermode and Darren Prasad 17, Tristan Thompson and Ardella Thompson 15, Adrian Huag and Roy Styles 11, Scott Rintoul 9, Wyatt Arndt and Jordan Bowman 9, Lachlan Irvine and Cody Severtson 6, Chris Golden 3, Lachlan Irvine, Cody Severtson and Jamie 2, Anna Forsyth 2, Clay Imoo, Samantha Chang and Kaja Mae 1, Nam Mann and Tanbir Rana 1, Chris Golden, Anna Forsyth, Matt Lee and Adam Ovenell-Carter 1, Samantha Chang and Kaja Mae 1, Kaja Mae and Samantha Chang 1, Clay Imoo, Kaja Mae and Samantha Chang 1 Fewer

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