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Matthew Sekeres and Blake Price 246, Andrew Wadden and Jeff Paterson 214, Jamie Dodd and Thomas Drance 203, Chris Faber and David Quadrelli 108, Justin Pooni 86 More Thomas Drance and Farhan Lalji 83, Lachlan Irvine and Cody Severtson 53, Ryan Schaap, Geeta Reddy and Arash Memarzadeh 46, Teddy Wong III, Ryan Hank and Brayden Ursel 45, ParkersPucks and Canuck Clay 36, Pete & Doug 36, Anna Forsyth and Chris Golden 34, Tristan Thompson and Ardella Thompson 28, Wyatt Arndt and Jordan Bowman 27, Jackson McDonald, Elliot Hoyt and Vyas Saran 25, Nick Bondi and Lachlan Irvine 23, Adrian Huag and Roy Styles 22, Georgia Twiss, Samantha Chang, Mallory McFall and Vanessa Jang 19, Tej Dhaliwal and Sat Oberoi 11, Nam Mann and Tanbir Rana 7, Lachlan Irvine 6, Sean Warren and Joshua Griffith 5, Sean Warren, Malcolm Ert and Joshua Griffith 5, Lachlan Irvine and Jamie 4, Joshua Griffith 3, Chris Golden, Anna Forsyth, Matt Lee and Adam Ovenell-Carter 3, Lachlan Irvine, Cody Severtson and Jamie 3, Chris Golden 2, Sean Warren, Malcolm Ert, Joshua Griffith and Bill Huan 1, Teddy Wong III and Ryan Hank 1, Joshua Griffith, Sean Warren and Bill Huan 1, Anna Forsyth 1 Fewer

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Rankings: September 2022

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1Canucks Army
2Daily Hive
3Vancouver Hockey Now
4The Province
5Nucks Misconduct

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1Rob Simpson
2Rob Williams
3Patrick Johnston
4Trevor Beggs
5Daniel Wagner

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1Canucks Conversation
2Locked on Canucks
3Rink Wide
4Canucks Hour
5Pucks on Net